Currently in its pilot stage, the Tech and Journalism Crisis and Emergency Mechanism (T&JM) has been established as a platform for trusted and verified independent news media organisations to report account-related incidents and ongoing issues with prominent tech platforms.

This mechanism is primarily designed to address account-related incidents and issues, such as:

Account removal, suspensions and denial of service

Mislabelling, deamplification and monetisation restrictions

Repeated content moderation and other account-related disputes

It’s important to note that participation in this mechanism is voluntary and that there is no guarantee that reported issues and appeals will be successfully resolved.

How to submit a case

If you believe that your account is experiencing any of the issues outlined above, we encourage you to submit your information using this form.

The process in 7 steps

Tools and resources

While you wait for our response please consult the tools resources that are available for you from:.

Tech platformsCivil society

About the mechanism

Tech and Journalism Crisis and Emergency Mechanism (T&JM) acts as a forum where all stakeholders, journalism organisations, civil society organisations, companies and states can discuss, develop recommendations and adopt crisis and emergency protocols for journalism orgnanisations, and share best practices in transparency reporting and account moderation of journalism and media organisations in the digital space.

It uses a voluntary-compliance approach where all stakeholders sign up to a model that does not create legal obligations and where they voluntarily implement the T&JM’s recommendations.

The T&JM is a multi-stakeholder process where representatives of the different interested groups come together to improve the practices of the sector. The mechanism should involve and should be led by local and regional actors.

Terms of Reference

Cross-industry collaboration

Engage a leading group of local and regional organisations representing professional communities of ethical journalism organisations, digital and journalism experts, academics as well as technology companies, and facilitate multi-stakeholder conversations.


Private sector companies, journalists, media and their professional communities, academics, experts, international multilateral organisations and civil society collaborate to share best practices as they develop and implement new solutions through a joint cross-industry mechanism.

Civil society engagement and empowerment

Empowers journalism and media communities to participate in policy forums in order to support and promote journalism as a public good. The mechanism involves and is led by local and regional actors. It also links the initiative with international and regional players to collect data, advocate, monitor policies, and supervise the proper functioning of the mechanism.

Knowledge, data sharing and transparency

We work towards the goal that no knowledge and insights are lost, and that experiences and lessons learned at all levels are collected and processed – from global to local, directly from the field as well as in academia.

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