International partners & experts

In collaboration with international partners and experts, our initiative brings together a global network of professionals who contribute invaluable expertise and experience. Their collective efforts play a pivotal role in advancing our critical mission.

The process of developing the Tech and Journalism Mechanism is multistakeholder and consultative, with the mission of being locally driven and empowering local actors.

Partners and experts

More than 30 organisations and institutions contributed to the shaping of this initiative, including through consultations in Riga and Paris.

T&JM partners and experts include:

The Tech and Journalism Mechanism initiative is supported by the Open Society Foundations.


Working collaboratively, our international partners and experts share their input from a range of perspectives to ensure the following:

Global Perspective: Infuse diverse perspectives into our initiatives, drawing on a wealth of global experience.

Strategic Guidance: Provide strategic guidance and insights to enhance the effectiveness of our programs and projects.

Knowledge Exchange: Facilitate knowledge exchange to ensure continuous learning and adaptation to emerging challenges.

Best Practices: Introducing international best practices to elevate the impact and sustainability of our initiatives.

Our collaboration with international partners and experts has significantly enriched the Tech and Journalism Emergency Crisis initiative. By fostering a diverse and global perspective, we fortify our efforts with a wealth of insights and experiences and we value the contributions that sustain the Tech & Journalism Mechanism.

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