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YouTube Partner Program

YouTube is expanding the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), offering earlier access to fan funding and Shopping features for eligible creators in select countries. The initiative aims to assist media support organizations and journalists in regaining account or content access. Eligibility is determined by meeting subscriber and watch hour thresholds, adhering to policies, and residing in an eligible country. Once eligible, creators can apply for features like Watch Page Ads, Shorts Feed Ads, and more. The review process takes about a month, and creators are encouraged to stay active for continued eligibility. FAQs and support options are available through YouTube's Help Center and community forums.

Community Guidelines strike basics on YouTube

This article explains YouTube's Community Guidelines strike basics. These guidelines apply to all content on the platform. When a strike occurs, creators are notified via email, detailing the removed content, violated policies, and the impact on the channel. The first violation usually results in a warning, expiring after 90 days if there are no further issues. Optional policy trainings are available. Subsequent violations lead to escalating penalties, including upload restrictions and channel termination. Deleting content doesn't remove a strike, and strikes may be issued on deleted content. Creators can appeal warnings and appeal strikes, but violations may result in channel restrictions or termination, with attempts to circumvent restrictions leading to further consequences. Familiarizing oneself with Community Guidelines is crucial to staying on YouTube.

This page features the consequences and procedures associated with the termination of a YouTube channel. It outlines the reasons for terminations, such as repeated violations of Community Guidelines, severe abuse, or policy dedication. The prohibition against circumventing termination and the impact on revenue, including withholding unpaid earnings, is emphasized, particularly for participants in the YouTube Partner Program. The article also provides information and a form to appeal a termination and addresses the process for copyright-related terminations, including the option for a counter-notification. Additionally, it notes the inability to download YouTube content after termination but highlights the ability to download Google data.

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