Tech platforms

Explore a set of resources from Meta, TikTok and YouTube and discover the latest guidelines, updates and support systems available for you.

Meta's Resources:

Discover the latest updates, Guidelines and support from Meta to help address content or account related issues effectively. You will find relevant sources on content moderation, Meta's Oversight Board, safety programes and more. Explore Meta's resources here.


TikTok's Resources:

Navigate TikTok's Community Guidelines and enforcement measures to ensure safety for users. The page details enforcement policies, including exceptions for public interest content, moderation procedures, and user-friendly processes for appeals and notifications related to content violations or account issues. Explore TikTok's resources here.


YouTube's Resources:

Delve into the YouTube's set of tools, and insights including YouTube's Partner Program, Help Center and community forum to assist users and media organizations in addressing account or content related issues. Explore YouTube's resources here.


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