Ukraine coalition

The Ukrainian Coalition of the Tech and Journalism Crisis and Emergency Mechanism (T&JM) is a collaborative initiative formed by a diverse group of Ukrainian organizations.

The coalition is dedicated to addressing and mitigating cases where journalists and media organizations face systemic issues on various tech platforms.

Members of the Ukrainian Coalition of the Tech and Journalism Crisis and Emergency Mechanism (T&JM):

  1. Lviv Media Forum: Lviv Media Forum is an ecosystem of people, organizations and projects that develops comprehensive media solutions and promotes the best global media practices in Ukraine. We work to make Ukrainian media viable — professional, ethical and capable.

  2. Institute of Mass Information: IMI is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization, which has been working in the public sector since 1995 and implementing projects aimed at boosting positive impact of media on establishment of the civil society in Ukraine.

  3. Detector Media: Detector Media enhances resilience to disinformation, promotes media freedom and empowers quality journalism.

  4. Civil Network "Opora": They are dedicated to public oversight in elections, parliamentarism, education, energy efficiency, and open data aiming for impactful institutional reforms.

  5. StopFake: They are an educational platform and aim at implementing high standards of journalism education in Ukraine, raise the level of media literacy, inform about the danger of propaganda and dissemination of fake information in the media.

  6. Media Development Foundation: MDF offer media accelerators and courses to empower independent media with skills, tech innovations, and strategic connections for sustainability, fostering a robust ecosystem with ethical journalism standards.

  7. Digital Security Lab Ukraine: provides digital security assistance to human rights defenders, independent media and other non-profit organizations and aims at creating a human-rights-centered digital environment in Ukraine by contributing to policy development in the area of Internet governance, media regulation and AI.

  8. Internews Ukraine: Internews Ukraine is an organization that has expertise in media, communications, education, and consulting. Innovation, professionalism, and efficiency are three pillars of their organization.

  9. Commission on Journalists Ethics: They are a self-regulation body for the work of journalists and newsrooms in Ukraine, which discusses and proposes resolutions to situations of conflict in the media by considering complaints from information consumers.

Roles and responsibilities

The T&JM Ukraine Coalition, coordinated by the Lviv Media Forum, plays a pivotal role in the operational framework of the T&JM. This coalition is instrumental in identifying and assessing media entities that could benefit from the escalation channel, ensuring that the process aligns with the needs and challenges specific to the Ukrainian media landscape.

Dedicated to safeguarding journalists and media organizations from targeted actions on tech platforms, the Ukrainian Coalition plays a pivotal role in the development of the mechanism such as:

Assessment and recognition: Actively participate in recognising and assessing media outlets and journalists who may benefit from T&JM’s escalation services, ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation process.

Regular engagement: Attend and contribute to regular meetings and communication channels to stay informed and aligned with T&JM’s evolving strategies and policies.

Development contribution: Play an integral role in shaping the development of T&JM’s objectives, especially in crafting and fine-tuning the criteria and protocols that govern the assessment and verification processes.

Collaborative drafting: Collaborate in drafting and refining identification criteria, protocols, and mechanisms, bringing in unique insights from the Ukrainian context.

Advocacy and representation: Advocate for the implementation of T&JM’s recommendations within their respective organisations and broader professional networks, fostering a supportive environment for the mechanism’s goals and activities.

Supervision and governance

The coalition's activities will be supervised by an advisory board, managed by the Lviv Media Forum (LMF). Regular reviews every six months will ensure the coalition remains responsive and effective in addressing challenges faced by journalists and media organizations on tech platforms.

By uniting these organizations, the Ukrainian Coalition aims to provide a comprehensive and collaborative approach to safeguarding journalistic integrity and protecting media organizations from facing systemic issues with technology platforms.

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