The process of developing the T&JM mechanism is multistakeholder and consultative, with the mission of being locally driven and empowering local actors.

The first in a series of consultative meetings and gatherings to discuss the initiative's practical implementation, was organised by the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) and the Baltic Centre for Media Excellence (BCME), in January 2023 in Riga, Latvia with a particular focus on the actors and experiences from organisations working in Ukraine and the region, as well as exiled media due to the conflict. During the workshop, participants discussed how the initiative could work in practice: the definition of "recognition," the identification of trusted communities, and existing emergency/crisis protocols. The report and list of participants can be seen here.

A second consultation was held during UNESCO’s Internet for Trust Conference in Paris on 21 February 2023, co-organized by GFMD and UCLA’s Institute for Technology, Law and Policy, seeking views from a wider range of partners on how the mechanism should be operationalized, how players should be involved, and what the expectations of such a mechanism were. This report presents the key takeaways and findings from the consultation.

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